How to arrive at the hot leads from all your website visitors

  • Each webpage served from your webserver to a client browser is called a pageview. The total number of pageviews occuring on your website is the maximum number of pages, which can be tracked
  • Some of these website views are made by so called bots, which are automated processed looking up website to provide search engine functionality. They are not being tracked by ELDAR
  • The other visitors are real people, some of which don't like to be tracked and have disabled tracking or enable private mode in their browsers. Those are equally not being tracked
  • All other visitors are tracked by ELDAR. Their combined number of pageviews is displayed as the total number of pageviews made
  • Out of those real visitors, some are looking up multiple pages on your website in a so-called session or visit.Visits are consecutive lookups of different pages on your webserver made by the same person using the same browser. They usually last only about 5 minutes and expire latest after 2 hours
  • If the same real visitor visits your website again after some time, the same visitor then has made a second visit to your website. But it is still the same real person or visitor
  • Visitors may work for the same company and multiple employees from the same company might visit your website from time to time
  • Some of these companies called Internet Service Providers provide internet services to their clients without assigning a firm identification to their clients. That happens through a pool of commonly used internet addresses like with the usage of mobile (GSM) networks. In such a case, it is not possible to identify the company, which actually visited your website

Statistics for the last reporting period

  • Hot >Leads: Companies, which have spent considerable amount of time on the pages you are tracking to exceed your defined HOT LEAD Temperature Threshold
  • Companies: The number of different companies visiting your website, including unidentifiable companies (ISPs)
  • Visitors: The number of different visitors visiting your website, excluding bot and visitors, who do not wish to be tracked
  • Visits: The number of visits (sessions) those visitors have made to your website
  • Pageviews: The number of webpages those visitors have requested from your website

Please note that the tracking can only count those webpages, which have implemented the tracking code. The actual number of visitors might be higher, but you might have chosen not to include the recruitment pages into your tracking, so recruitment page visitors will not be counted, unless they also lookup at least one tracked page.