The identification of the company visiting your website occurs through different technical methods, which are usually accurate. However, based on our experience, we find that some companies do not put a lot of emphasis on the proper configuration of their website, so that outdated data might mislead the way.

We are manually checking on those cases and can prevent any wrong display in 99% of the cases. For the rest, please notify us on our support email ID or make the necessary change in our portal.

Company Display

The company display will show the name of the company, plus any additional identification like website name, etc.

Followed by a box with the exact location (City, Region and Country) and the distance to your head office

Below you see how many different persons from that company visited your website, how many visits they made in total and how many webpages were viewed.

The number of visits will always be equal or higher than the number of visitors, since one visitor might have paid several visits to your website.

The number of pages will always be equal or higer than the number of visits, since one visit must at least have made on pageview and could have made viewed multiple pages